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Warnings: This page is not finnished, may contan swearwords and typos.

About me

Hi, I'm Sadknot, and welcome to my Personal website!! if you are here you probably clicked on a link I put in some description (duhh) or you found it on neocities. I go by Sadknot but I also go by RURU_, Eric, and FLEETWAYSUPERSONIC on like, Vidlii.

I go by all pronouns, but don't just use she/her. I'm a teen living in Los Angles Cali, Distracting myself, and today I did that via the indie net, specifically my own website, Created about a month ago sometime in September 2022 (imma be honest I don't even remember), and have been updating for a while now, I genuinely don't know what will become of this site (literally my life). But I'm guessing it'll be some sort of public Diary/a place to Archive all my ideas and characters. that's really all I got to say right now so.. you can go ahead and explore the site (or don't I'm pretty sure the site isnt even finished) but yeah..


Uploaded :Nov,6,2022

Last updated: Jul,4,2023